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Laboratory of Polymers and Biomaterials

(before Polymer Physics Laboratory) Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

  • 1 New OPUS and PRELUDIUM grant in our laboratory!

    We would like to inform that National Centre of Science granted the project of our laboratory leader, prof. Paweł Sajkiewicz and our colleague, Piotr Denis, M.Sc., in OPUS and PRELUDIUM program, respectively. Both, projects were subbmited in the ST8 category - Process and production engineering. Congratulations for the project leaders!
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  • 2 The scientific title of the Full Professorship for prof. Paweł Sajkiewicz

    It is our pleasure to inform that 11th January 2017, the head of our research team, prof. Paweł Sajkiewicz got Full Professorship from the president of Poland, Andrzej Duda. Our best congratulations! The Polymer and Biomaterials Laboratory team is very proud of him :)
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  • 3 IPPT PAN - Technion Microsymposium

    On 29th April 2016 we had a pleasure to organize IPPT PAN - Technion Microsymposium on Electrospinning for Biomedical Applications. Our special guest was prof. Eyal Zussman from Technion, Haifa (Israel). Short report about this meeting you will find under below website link...
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  • 4 Olga Urbanek laureate of the Kościuszko Foundation grant

    On the 11th May 2016, M. Sc. Olga Urbanek has been awarded the Kościuszko Foundation Grant for young researchers. Thanks to this grant Ms. Urbanek will have an opportunity to undergo a 3-months internship on Drexel University of Philadelphia, USA.
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  • 5 Ligamed - Lider grant in our group

    It is our pleasure to inform that research project submited by Dr. Dorota Kolbuk received financial support from National Centre of Research and Development. Project entitled ,,Development of bioactive, hybrid material for ACL ligament repair will be'' will be carried out mainly in Polymer Physics Laboratory (by Dorota Kolbuk, Piotr Denis, Olga Urbanek).
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 We are pleased to inform that starting October 1st, 2016 we have transformed into new unit with the name Laboratory of Polymers and Biomaterials. This reorganization provided us stronger identity outside and inside with great part of our activity directed toward materials, particularly polymers for biomedical applications.


Our recent activity is a good mixture of basic and applied research in polymer science. The challenges of the modern world, changing very rapidly, shift the point of gravity of our activity more in the direction of applied research, mostly in the area of bio-medical applications of polymeric materials. We are naturally supported by our new location among other institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences with biological profiles, being our natural partners for scientific cooperation. Basing on our fundamental knowledge in the area of polymer physics, materials science, chemistry and biotechnology we are entering deeper and deeper into rapidly growing field of tissue engineering. Great part of our activity is related to polymeric biodegradable scaffolds for tissue regeneration as well as materials for drug release. Being open for various methods of scaffolds formation, at the moment we are concentrated on the formation of scaffolds by electrospinning, cooperating from the very beginning with Prof. Tomasz Kowalewski from our Institute, who is a pioneer in the field of electrospinning not only in our Institute but most probably in Poland. Read the whole article...

theoretical work

     The second branch of our research is directed toward more basic investigations in the area of polymer science. The aim of the research is understanding of mechanisms of structure formation on the nanoscopic level under various temperature and stress conditions typical for polymer processing, in particular fiber and foil formation. This research profile is being developed under the school launched in our group by Professor Andrzej Ziabicki. The research topics concern kinetics of nucleation and crystallization, polymorphic transformations, molecular orientation in amorphous and crystalline state. The research is directed to find possibilities for controlling structure development under real processing conditions. The aim is to provide accurate and verifiable models which could serve as predictive and quick tools allowing to save costs and time of experimental trial and error. 

On our website you can find information about our actual research interests but also about our activities in the scientific community such as conferences, trainings and collaboration.


We are open for scientific cooperation!


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