The D8 Discover is a multi-purpose powder diffractometer, equipped with centric Eulerian cradle, X, Y and Z stage, Göbel Parabolic Mirrors, 2-D and 1-D position sensitive detectors (Vantec and Lynx Eye). The D8 DISCOVER with DAVINCI design increases ease-of-use with real-time component detection, plug-and-play functionality and fully integrated 2-dimensional XRD2 capabilities. The unique construction of D8 Discover allows the user to easily switch between all materials research applications, including reflectometry, high-resolution diffraction, in-plane grazing incidence diffraction (IP-GID), small angle X- ray scattering  (SAXS), as well as residual stress and  texture investigations. 
Thermally controlled stage for measurements at -100 to +350C