Tomasz Kowalczyk, Ph.D. D.Sc.(habilitation) B.Eng. 


Room 328

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Tomasz Kowalczyk, BEng, PhD, is researcher with 10 years of experience in electrospinning of nanofibers. He is author or co-author of 21 papers in scope of applications of nanofibers in regenerative medicine, studies of electrospinning nanofibers and biodegradable polymers for biomedical applications. Cited: 168, h-index:7 (WoS; as for 2016.01). Dr Kowalczyk was an executor or main executor of 4 research projects dedicated to study process basis and biomedical applications of nanofibers. His research contributed to 4 patent applications on electrospun nanofibers formation and its applications in medicine.

Research topics

Application of electrospun nanofibers as an isolation material to prevent lesions formation in the experimental model – rat (NN403 176939)

Application of electrospun nanofibrous mats as active wound dressing for prevention of post-accidental damage brain tissue (NR13-0081-10).

Current projects

Innovative urine draining prosthesis for patients with urinary bladder cancer treated with minimum invasive urinary bladder oncological surgeries,  IPPT PAN consortium part; STRATEGMED1/235368/8/ NCBR/2014


University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business (Top 500 Innovators – Science, Management, Commercialization)


  • Method of preparation of electrospun materials comprising native proteins and the application of thereof (P 411421)
  • The use of the polymer nanofiber dressings in prevention of traumatic changes due to the brain injury (P 404667/2013-07-12)
  • The use of insulation meshes made of polymer nanofibers for prevention scarring after neurosurgery (P 395894/2011-08-08)
  • Method for producing nanofiber mats formed in an electrostatic field (P 390140/2010-01-07)
  • Use of polymeric insulating mesh made of polymer nanofibres for prevention of scarring after neurosurgery (P.226479, 2017-07-31); the authors: Andrychowski J, Frontczak-Baniewicz MM, Czernicki ZM, Gołąbek-Sulejczak DA, Kowalczyk T, Kowalewski TA.
  • Application of electrospun nanofibres for production of the neuroprotective dressings for use in the prevention of post-traumatic brain lesions (P 225858, 2017-05-31); the authors: Andrychowski J, Frontczak-Baniewicz MM, Czernicki ZM, Gołąbek-Sulejczak DA, Kowalczyk T, Kowalewski TA, Nakielski P. 

Selected Publications

Noszczyk, B H; Kowalczyk, T, Lyzniak, M, Zembrzycki K, Mikułowski G, Wysocki J, Kawiak J and Pojda Z. Biocompatibility of electrospun human albumin: a pilot study. Biofabrication 2015, 7 (1): 015011-1-11.

Kowalczyk T, Nowacki M, Bodnar M, Marszałek A, Pokrywczynska M, Frontczak-Baniewicz M, Kowalewski TA, Chłosta P and Drewa T. Ureter regeneration—the proper scaffold has to be defined, PLOS One 2014, 9(8):106023.

Kowalczyk T,Nowicka A, Elbaum D and Kowalewski TA. Electrospinning of Bovine Serum Albumin. Optimization and the Use for Production of Biosensors. Biomacromolecules 2008, 9, 2087–2090