Asmaa Ahmed Arafa

Ph.D. Student/ Visiting Researcher

National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt

In our team: June 2018


I am an assistant researcher and PhD student in National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt. Basically, I am interested in science and technology; in how they contribute to make us more understanding to our life and our world and how to use them to make our life better. I am interested especially in natural dyes, therapeutic natural products and hydrogels from natural resources. The reason behind choosing natural products is because of their obvious advantages such as low toxicity, easy preparation, renewability and pollution-free. Currently, I am working on my PhD thesis in which extractions of therapeutic bioactive compounds will be loaded in prepared hydrogels to be used in wound healing.

It is a great opportunity to visit laboratory of Polymers and Biomaterials, IPPT as a trainee under supervision of prof. dr. Paweł Sajkiewicz, and meet multidisciplinary researchers and scientists.


"Science starts with observation, and its end is far than imagination"


MSc in Organic chemistry from faculty of Science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt (2014).

MSc thesis " Modification of Organic Pigments Surfaces by Nanotechnology For Enhanced Ink-jet Printing Properties ”

BSc. in Chemistry-Biochemistry from faculty of Science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt (2004-2008).

Research skills and interests

Nanomaterials, natural products, hydrogel chemistry, chemistry of dyes, miniemulsion polymerization, Scanning electron microscope, Infra-Red analysis, UV-spectrophotometer.


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