Merve Nur Ciftci

B.Sc. Student/ Research Intern (Erasmus +)

Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli/TURKEY

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I am sophomore in the Materials Science and Engineering at Gebze Technical University. I have been curious about science and technology since I started high school and I am curious person who is trying to learn about various subjects. My adventure with science has started in high school. I was participant various competition (unmanned aerial vehicle, entrepreneurship, etc.). I’ve worked on molecular biology and biomedical engineering in several research laboratories as a research intern. I am currently studying on production of (PZT-PVP) ceramic-polymer composite by using electrospinning method and analysis of the dielectric properties (Piezoelectric Ceramic Research Laboratory). In addition, I am also studying synthesis of green nanoparticles as using silver and palladium metals at Biochemistry Laboratory.


“You got to put the past behind you before you can move on.”

Education and professional experience:

B.Sc. Student -Gebze Technical University, Kocaeli (Turkey)/Faculty of Engineering- Materials Science and Engineering.

Undergraduate Student Researcher- -Gebze Technical University (Biochemistry and Piezoelectric Ceramic Research Laboratory) (2018- now)

Undergraduate Researcher -TOBB University of Economics and Technology / Plasma Aided Biomedical Research Group/PABMED, Ankara (Turkey) (05/2015–08/2016)

Student Researcher- Bilkent University-National Nanotechnology Research Center/ UNAM – Adams Lab, Ankara (Turkey) (01/2015–09/2015)

Research Skills and Interests:

Nanofibers, nanoparticle, composite science, biosensor, electrospinning, unmanned aerial craft, piezoelectric application.