Klaudia Kleszcz, B.Sc. Student

Material EngineeringAGH University of Science and Technology

in our team: July-August 2019

I am a student of the first-degree studies in Material Engineering and Science at AGH University of Science and Technology, being curious about the world. 
My passion to acquire knowledge about the functionality of the human body has started early in my high school years.
I decided to choose this field of study as I previously learned that I would be able to continue my education further by attending classes such as BioComposites or Bioceramics Materials.
As a third-year student I choose the BSc Thesis’s topic related to polymer fibers used in muscles reconstructions.
The required tests allowed me to gain experience related to the methods of polymer synthesis and  their properties. I was also a member of one of the University research groups, where I had my first ever contact with using polymers as a matrix in composites. That is how my adventure with polymers has started. This summer I have an opportunity to join the team of Laboratory of Polymers and Biomaterials IPPT PAN and increase my practical knowledge of polymers and their application.

B. Sc Student - Material Engineering and Science at AGH University of Science and Technology

Methods of chemical analysis, composite science, nanomaterials, biomaterials