Our recent activity is focused on:

1. Electrospinning of nano- and submicron polymeric fibers for biomedical applications (biodegradable scaffolds).

2. Experimental investigations of polymer structure and superstructure, including electrospun nanofibers as a function of formation (electrospinning) conditions.

3. Optimization of structure/properties of biodegradable polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.

4. Investigations of biodegradable scaffold funcionality in vitro conditions.

5. Electrospun nanofiber-based drug delivery systems.

6. Injectable hybrid hydrogels filled with nanofibers for regeneration of central nervous system (CNS)

7. Investigations of polymer crystallization kinetics under various external conditions:

- nonisothermal crystallization at ultra fast cooling rates, 106 K/s

- crystallization under geometrical confinement in the core part of electrospun core-shell fibers.